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Image Consulting

Do you recognize room for improvement in your appearance, communication, or behaviour?

Have you decided to upgrade your image, but are wondering how to proceed?

If you are a business owner, are your employees not living up to your expectations with regard to their image?

This section contains information about how LJ Enterprises image consultation service can be of service to you.

How LJ Enterprises Image Consultation Service Can Help You

LJ Enterprises image consulting service helps to guide you in presenting your best self first and positively expressing your highest potential. Whether you are an individual or a business, whether you work outside the home or not, LJ Enterprises can teach you how to polish your image in three areas:

  • Your physical appearance – Grooming, hair, makeup, color, wardrobe, and personal shopping.
  • Your behaviour – Social skills, stress management, etiquette, civility and protocol.
  • Your communication skills – Body language, vocabulary, relationship-building and conflict resolution.

LJ Enterprises, will utilize the learning environment you find most comfortable and convenient, whether it be a personal consultation in your office or home, a session over the phone, a presentation to your executive team, a seminar for your employees or a workshop at your annual conference.

How LJ Enterprises Image Consultant Services Meets Your Unique Needs

LJ Enterprises goal is to work with people who want the advantage of making a unique impression in many areas of their lives. LJ Enterprises image consulting services includes many specialties.

LJ Enterprises not only offer excellent image consultation services, but we provide expertise and an in-depth focus on the specialty in which you are most interested. We are available to assist and work as a fashion show coordinator, a wardrobe consultant, a personal shopper, clothing or uniform designer, or a branding specialist, among many others.

LJ Enterprises specialize in meeting the needs of certain client groups: businessmen and women, politicians, media personalities, corporate executives, professional speakers, or individuals who are tall, full-figured or petite. LJ Enterprises works individually with men and women or organizations.

To book your free 30 minute consultation please email: Click here to email LJ Enterprises